Product Review

Time to share some favorites with you that are not readily available at some grocery stores, but are worth searching out if you want to take the time to do so. Lily’s brand chocolates are sweetened with stevia and are without the chemical aftertaste. My wife makes a chocolate chip cookie dough using this brand and it is delicious without the overload on the blood sugars. (I will be posting that recipe at some point) I found these items at Tailor Made Nutrition which is a store that is all about being gluten free, but I went there because they sell these products. The bars are 38 to 42 carbs for the ENTIRE bar (2.8 to 3 ounce). They can be eaten as is or chopped up into a recipe or melted to made other delicious treats.

We are just entering the spring time here and for us that means iced coffee, that is the reason for the stevia drops. Added to the glass first, stevia drops mix well when the coffee is poured over the ice. If you try any of these products, please let me know how you liked them.




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