A short update…

Well, the waiting game still continues. I heard from Faustman Labs last week stating they are going to contact me sometime in the next few weeks to schedule a visit within the next year. Okay, that told me just about nothing. They are going to schedule a time to come out sometime in the future.  Big. long. sigh. I have been told that patience is a virtue…my question is for whom?

Overall it isn’t that bad, I am busy teaching graduate level courses and enjoy it very much.  I find the waiting becoming a bit easier as the days roll by; I mean what good does it do to become impatient? The phase 2 trials will start when they start. It was my birthday last week and as I zero in on my 20th anniversary of having T1D’s I really do feel pretty good. Other than getting older chronologically, my overall health is good, I am more content now than I have ever been in my life. One of my greatest struggles in my younger life was this issue of impatience. I wanted everything yesterday then was upset because I got what I thought I wanted…hmmm something fundamentally wrong with this picture.  However; having T1D’s has taught me that things just will be what they will be. Me getting uptight about it just adds to the stress in my life and in those around me. It has taught me to be so very thankful when my health is good and to be patient when my health stumbles a bit. I have slowed my life down to be able to enjoy the simple things in life.

I was walking down a walking path recently and came upon this:image

I stood still for about 3 or 4 minutes. These white tail deer did not see me or notice me. They just grazed and moved slowly about. It was an awesome moment of watching nature and not intruding in the lives of these deer. They, of course, finally saw me and ran into the woods, along with six or seven of their buddies just out of the frame. I was so close to each of them as they ran around me, my breath was taken away from me. I have never been this close to deer before. It was an amazing few minutes of serenity and peace. I have had several of these moments, a week or so ago I was walking this same path and an owl flew in front of me and landed in a tree just a few feet from me. I was amazed how huge these birds are and, again, it was an interaction between the owl and me. The owl just stared at me with those huge eyes wondering what this human was doing with his mouth wide open…stupid human probably! All of this nature in the middle of the town I live in, who knew?

When we are at peace with ourselves we tend to notice the things that thrive around us, I am so happy to have this opportunity to be peaceful and be able to interact and enter into the world of nature. I am no naturalist but it is cool when nature comes into contact with humans….I think this is how it was supposed to be, originally.

So I wait for  Faustman Labs, as quietly as I can! Be well everyone, take some time to be peaceful, you won’t regret what you notice.


3 thoughts on “A short update…

  1. Larry – I really appreciated your message on patience! I just left you a message in your “other” message folder on Facebook….I am traveling to Faustman Lab next week and was looking for some advice. Thanks, Barb


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