Being from the northern part of the United States, it is no small thing to transition from summer to fall. Knowing that winter tends to last almost 6 months, I treasure the warm sunshiny days. I love this area of the country but, admittedly, the winters are quite brutal. With the transition to fall comes some preparation to make adjustments to my diabetes care. I am not outdoors everyday walking 5-6 miles a day, the dry cold air has its affects on my BG’s. It is the bi-annual reset of my basal rate as well. All of this is part of the planning for a smooth transition into winter. Even if I am doing it kicking and screaming.

As I think about these transitions, I can’t help but think about the pending clinical trials set to begin in October. For the past 6 years the date has always been in the future, somewhere, but now it has been added to my preparation list. How will my BG’s be affected by the trials? Will I receive the BCG or the placebo? How soon will I begin to see the effects of the injection if I do get BCG? I do remember when I didn’t have Diabetes and how I just did things without worrying about low or high readings or did I forget to bring my insulin or extra food or glucose tabs or or or or or…How will I deal with this transition? I usually go with the flow and adjust pretty quickly but the knot in my stomach tells me this will be a bit more than just a little transition and adjustment. Most people would not be bothered about these things and just take it as it comes. The  truth of the matter is T1D’s cannot afford to live this way, it represents too many complications.

Yet this big knot in my stomach is also filled with a renewed sense of hope. I have never had this much hope regarding a cure, not just a treatment or a transplant, but an actual cure for this disease.  When I read about BCG treatment years ago, I made the decision that I would not be a part of anything that just treats the symptoms or uses surgery as a ‘cure’. Nothing wrong with participating in these, mind you, but unless you find the root cause of anything negative and irradicate it, you have not found a cure, it will come back. This is true in life and it definitely true in this disease. My sense of hope is that BCG will deal with the root cause of type one diabetes, the beta cells that destroy insulin producing islet cells, I would gladly trade insulin therapy for BCG therapy if it meant I no longer had to count or guess carbs. If BCG turns out to be another treatment, then so be it, but what I really hope for is a cure, as do all of my T1D’s friends and acquaintences.

I look forward to the days when I do not have to think about medical transitions, although I am getting older, I guess I would like to have the normal ‘old man’ issues than have to deal with them along with the diabetes. I want to worry about the fact that my hair is falling out, I want to be concerned which will prevail, my hair turning completely grey or falling completely out, it has been a close race so far!!!  I want to worry about the middle aged spread and battling this terrible ‘disease’! I want to eat a diet that I only have to worry about cholesterol NOT CARBS!  I do NOT want the worries to raise my BG’s anymore.

I choose to enjoy each season here in Minnesota, they are so different from one another. I have little to no control over what comes at me, but I can and do control my attitude. We choose to worry about things to the point we forget to live life. I choose never to let T1D’s dictate my life, oh don’t get me wrong, it certainly intrudes in my life, but I can choose to not worry about the moments and concentrate on the transitions. Be well everyone!



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