I’m still here….waiting!


Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last posted. The reason for the silence is, nothing new has occurred. I am still sitting at my computer, waiting to hear from Faustman Lab. Their communication is slow and irratic which is not so much a problem, but tends to make the wait seem longer than it really is. This picture is one of another type of therapy for me, a fire in the chiminea, it is very relaxing and centering to light a fire and sit with your spouse to enjoy good conversation. I was fortunate to have my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren at our house and we got to sit on our deck and have great discussion! This is one if the best things life has to offer a sense of community with family.

Since I last posted I have been going through some major spikes in my blood sugars/bg. There was a week which I averaged over 300/16.6 and nothing I did to remedy the situation worked. I tried adjusting my basal rate, eating differently, giving larger bolus’s, even changing the sights for the cannula often. All in vain, for whatever reason, a fly farted in Argentina maybe?, no matter how I treated my T1D’s the sugars would not come down. It puzzles me that my body resists insulin, no matter how much I give it. This occurs approximately twice a year and my Endocrinologist has no idea why this occurs. Very comforting I might add! The only way I could remain emotionally stable in my thoughts and actions was I had to remain calm and continue to treat the disease as I have always done in the past. I knew if I stayed the course I would, eventually, return to normal numbers. It was very difficult to remain calm simply because you feel like horse dookie when your blood sugar readings are high and you get a bit cranky when they refuse to settle down.

Well, after 5 days my blood sugars returned to a more stable range and I am feeling much better. I have learned through out the decades that you must stay the course no matter what your numbers say in order to manage, long term, your disease. I am not sure why my body acts the way it does or why it does not want to respond to insulin treatment, but if I know I am doing the right things I will gain control once more…sooner or later. It continues to chip away at my emotional infrastructure.  I am determined to remain as healthy as I can so I can continue to be there for my grandchildren, after a week like I had, it sways the determination just a bit. It is important to me to be healthy phsically and emotionally for them and more importantly for me. During the first 5 years of my disease I spent way too much time worrying about the daily numbers instead of focusing on healthy long term management, this discipline has helped me ride the strong emotional waves of frustration when the  numbers just don’t want to cooperate. I think all of us know this type of frustration!

This clinical trial is a lifesaver ring for my emotional and physical well  being, the sooner it starts the better. It will feel good to work towards a cure for everyone! Life is simply too short to be wasting it on worrying about daily numbers…it is time for a cure.


2 thoughts on “I’m still here….waiting!

  1. Hi Larry
    You’re a perfect example of someone who is running the race well. At church it has been movie month, featuring Biblical lessons that can be found in some recent movies. This past weekend it was Unbroken and the scripture was Hebrews 12:1-2. Glad you’re feeling better, keep running, & I’ll keep praying for the green light to start the study soon😊


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