Educate yourself about Diabetes

There is a current dust up amongst the Diabetes community over a person who is called ‘Crossfit’ and his spreading of misinformation regarding diabetes. Many of these ‘so called’ fitness and diet people are not what they present themselves to be. It isn’t that I don’t believe this gentleman knows his fitness exercises, I just think he is ignorant of diabetes. This would not be unusual since most everyone I have ever met in the past 20 years of having this disease have been ignorant about the disease. One only becomes an expert in the disease when one either a) has the disease or b) has a loved one with the disease.

That being said, I urge those who are outraged about this gentleman’s comments to not be too harsh on him. His calling in life has its own stereotypical views from those who do not enjoy or enter into the crossfit world. The main stereotype is that all fitness ‘guru’s’ are chowderheads and lack any self awareness or cognizance. However, as with all stereotypes I also know this is not true. Yet Mr. Crossfit cannot seem to resist reinforcing the ‘chowderhead’ stereotype that persists in his line of work. Oh well, we all have to overcome obstacles I do hope Crossfit will figure it out one day.

Which brings me to this point, what people say is pretty much meaningless to me. Words are empty, in a society that talks a lot and listens very little, words do not have the impact they ought. It is what one does in his or her life which makes the most impact on me. I want to read words from people who practice healthiness and wholeness. I want be fed by people who stress on doing what is right, not just prattling on about themselves. Everyone has obstacles in his or her life, it is facing the obstacles and overcoming the hurdles that make a difference in society. What Crossfit has wonderfully illustrated is someone who mindlessly writes words because he or she thinks they are good, not because they are mindfully written. This just reinforces how one human tends to hurt another human by what they say without thought of the impact the words make on other people. This is what is wrong with our ‘virtual’ world. The faceless minions who all feel they are experts yet do not take the time to check to see if what they say is actually true or not. Then block opposite views so he or she does not have to face truth. Sad to me…

The truth is, Diabetes type 1 is a personal disease that acts differently with each person. There are some generalities that can be used to put us all in the same catagory–words like insulin dependent, check blood sugars constantly, A1C’s, and a few others but to paint a broad brush on how to live your life is unfair and untrue. My experiences with this disease are but one of millions of other experiences that may or may not be similar to each other. This is the hardest part of the disease. What I have found discouraging is there are those in the diabetes community that believe one size fits all, because you have found success with what you have done, I will automatically do the same. This just is not true. If this myth resides within the community of diabetics, no wonder there is so much misinformation outside of the community.



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