Faustman Lab update



This picture I took is of our Japanese Lilac tree. It does not bloom each year but when it does, it is spectacular.

Just a quick entry to update when the clinical trials will begin. I called Faustman Lab today and spoke to Sarah. Sarah indicated the trials will begin in mid to late July for the double blind participants. In the meantime they are providing BCG for the phase 1 clinical trial placebo group so they can benefit from the BCG. I think this is a beautiful thing, it provides hope for those who were disappointed by the placebo the first time around and it makes me think if I should receive the placebo, that eventually, I will get the BCG. It encourages my heart and raises my hopes even further.

While I hate to wait, this is going to happen and I am a part of this, which totally feels surreal to me. The worst of this is while I wait time goes so slowly after all I was ready for this 18 years ago! I suppose I can wait another 30 days, tick……………tock………. Ugh! đŸ™‚

Referring back to the photo I selected; while I struggle with waiting for this clinical trial to begin, our Japanese Lilac tree is a reminder for me to wait patiently for one day I will be rewarded greatly for the patience.


One thought on “Faustman Lab update

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