Frustration in the Numbers!

This is the number one thing that reduces me to negativity, my numbers. What I mean by numbers are my daily blood sugar tests to see if I am doing well managing my Diabetes. It is always a little bit of aprehension to see where I am in the silly numbers game. I wake up in the morning and my numbers are at 145, pretty stable for me. I will eat my normal amounts of food for the morning and by noon I am at 259. I adjust my insulin and my reading at dinner time is 104, ahhh, I made it. I take my sugars before I go to bed and I am at 308! What the…?!? I adjust my insulin and the next day my pre-breakfast reading is 56, or I take my blood sugars before I go to bed, 102 perfect! But when I wake up, 288….AAAACKKKK! The next day my pre meal sugars never go above 107…I’M CURED!!!! It is these types of daily coaster rides that really get into my head. I desire to be the poster child of consistency. I would love to hear my Endocrinologist say my A1C’s were 6.8, but usually they are 7.4 or higher. I am actually ecstatic my numbers are in the low 7’s. It is always about the long term journey.

My best advice to you today is don’t sweat about the numbers in the short term. It. Will. Drive. You. Crazy! You can only do what you can do, if I continue to stress over the daily numbers I will get myself out of balance and the ‘joy’ ride begins, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My doctor is a very practical man, he is much like me. He is more interested in what I can do, than getting me to a ‘number’. I would love to be able to achieve the best numbers, but my doctor has been telling me for a decade my numbers are my numbers and I am very consistent. He is happy with it, so I am happy as well. I get criticism from other diabetics my A1C’s are too high, I disagree. I am who I am, it is about quality of life, not forcing myself to get to a number.

I found an article that is a good read about getting your A1C’s checked, here is the link.

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2 thoughts on “Frustration in the Numbers!

  1. Good for you, Larry. I think that’s the key in managing many chronic conditions–whether Diabetes, Arthritis, cholesterol, etc. numbers are good indicators but don’t tell the whole story. Everyone is different & balance is important.


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