Family Support is Crucial

I so appreciate my wife, she has been my greatest resource for managing my Diabetes. For the first nine years I was, basically, alone to manage and maintain my disease. I did okay, but it became harder and harder to live life and keep strict control over my blood sugar levels.

Since we have been married, my wife has been so involved in helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle. From emotional support to preparing delicious foods and desserts that taste amazing yet were healthy for a Diabetic. (See my recipe page for this week’s yummy recipe, macros included) I cannot imagine this journey without her being with me. It is so important for those who struggle with this disease to have a support system of people who will encourage and support you in your journey. I have heard from so many people with this disease that they are on their own, even their own spouse will not cook a better, healthier way or pay attention to what is put into the food they prepare. I am so fortunate to have a spouse that loves to create delicious and healthy food for both of us to eat. I asked her why she went to the trouble to make things that were healthy for me, she said that if it kept me healthy, it would keep her healthy….this is what love is about! I am truly blessed.

I have included a link to a scholarly article which supports this idea about family support. If you do not have this support, find people who will help you manage your disease. Ask for what you need!! I believe a cure is coming soon; however, it is so important to maintain health so when a cure comes you will live a full life free from the devastating effects of this nasty disease. Be well everyone!

Here is the link:

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